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Riga’s Central Market is one of Europe’s biggest markets. It is famed for its pavilions housed in giant zeppelin hangars left behind by the German army after World War I.


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Latvia - where landscape is marked by wide beaches as well as dense, sprawling forests!

Latvia is a country on the Baltic Sea between Lithuania and Estonia. Its landscape is marked by wide beaches as well as dense, sprawling forests. Latvia’s capital is Riga, home to notable wooden and art nouveau architecture, a vast Central Market and a medieval Old Town with St. Peter's Church. Riga's museums include the Latvian Ethnographic Open-Air Museum, showcasing local crafts, food and music.

  • Highly Affordable Study & Living Cost; Same As India; Living Costs As Low As EUR 400 per month
  • Job seeking visa extension of 6 months.
  • One of the cleanest places on Earth
  • One of the safest countries in the World
  • High quality of life in a modern environment.
  • Part time work allowed for all international students and available in plenty.
  • European degree, recognised globally including the European Union, USA, Canada, Asia.
  • Good internship options.
  • Students can participate in Erasmus programmes and be a part of the exchange programme with other European countries.

200 to 300 Euro/ Month (Including Hostel + Food + Local Travel + Mobile)

Each university or learning institution sets its own admission requirements for international students but generally, applicants must have:

Undergraduate Programs:

  • High School (Grade 12) or equivalent with a minimum average score of 60%
  • Polytechnic Diploma qualification earned after Grade 10 is also acceptable, provided the student has scored at least 60%
  • IELTS not required
  • Age not exceeding 24 Years


Postgraduate Programs:

  • A Bachelor’s degree or equivalent, with a minimum average score of 55%
  • IELTS not required
  • Age not exceeding 35 Years



  1. Arts/General/Correspondence degree 10+2/B.Sc. is not acceptable
  2. Third division not acceptable
  3. University must be UGC recognized
  4. Student might need to give an online test or SKYPE interview before a conditional letter can be issued.
  • Student can work part time of 20 Hrs a week
  • All Programs are taught in English Language
  • All universities are Govt or Govt approved
  • 3rd year bachelor’s student can do master if they scored more than 2nd division in their bachelors
  • IELTS is not required if student can speak English
  • Conditional Offer letter take 4 –5 working days approximately
  • Unconditional offer letter takes approximately 20 days
  • General BA / B.Sc. Degrees & Correspondence degree not acceptable & cannot apply for master degree in Latvia because education ministry do not recognize these degrees
  • Quality education at international standards in English.
  • Internationally recognized undergraduate and graduate programs.
  • On-campus education with a wide range of facilities.
  • Affordable tuition fees and moderate living expenses.
  • Transport, shops and entertainment are close at hand.

While studying:

  • Part Time: Up to 20 hours per week during the school term
  • Full Time: Up to 40 hours per week during school breaks


After graduation:

Non-EU students can stay back in the country for a maximum 6 months.

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